Our Solutions


By providing clear, intelligent solutions, generated by applying a holistic approach and original thinking, Avantra Family Wealth is committed to instilling our clients with the confidence to make informed decisions about their financial challenges and goals.

We enhance the results of our planning and recommendations by offering a premier-level concierge service that alleviates anxiety, promotes a simplification of priorities, and delivers the freedom to allow our clients to spend more time on things that matter most to them.

As part of our comprehensive approach to wealth management, we offer advice and guidance on investment strategies, portfolio management, income generation, retirement planning, healthcare cost planning, as well as overall financial efficiency.

We are deeply committed to a disciplined risk management process that accounts for all financial assets and interests. Our focus areas include investment risk management, insurance strategies, and cash flow analysis.

Strategic Wealth Services

  • Cash management
  • Family financial education
  • Investment strategies
  • Retirement goals and needs
  • Liability management
  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Life and long-term care insurance

Our Process

We invite our clients to be active collaborators as we co-author their financial plan and explore its impact on those aspects of their lives where Avantra can provide objective guidance and value-added coaching.

Our five-step process of Discovery, Planning, Recommendations, Implementation and Monitoring culminates with a customized road map.

Discovery: Evaluating the client profile

In addition to the traditional data gathering exercise, we assess an individual or family situation to discover more about why a client thinks the way that they do, what are important priorities in their lives – both personal and professional – and how they evaluate the challenges they face and the dreams they aspire to.

Planning: Formulating needs and goals

In our process of developing a client’s financial plan, we act more as your life coach rather than just an investment advisor, helping them to clearly articulate the “why” of their plan. Whether financial decision-making is driven by emotional issues or professional goals or altruistic values, these needs become a critical guidepost for directing the ultimate plan.

Recommendations: Articulating the method

The solid life plan we customize for each client includes recommendations for specific investments, but it also includes a timeline for achievement of personal, professional and possibly philanthropic possibilities. In fulfilling the plan, we spend time educating our clients and their families about the components of their individualized financial strategy.

Implementation: Activating personalized solution

We begin the process of implementing our recommendations beyond the application of well-diversified risk-balanced asset allocation. We deliver each client’s strategy recommendations on many levels – as we keep their needs and goals in mind.

Monitoring: Evaluating your progress

We will develop a communication plan with each client in order to update their progress and take into consideration changes as they happen – both personally and externally, as markets are volatile and life is not stagnant.

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